Mailboxes are both amusing and inspiring. This simple postal mechanism is a very necessary have in our society. It serves to accept local news, cards from family and friends, small packages and presents, and the ever so popular bill. The internet and email and online paper free services, are reducing its usage, but for now and years to come, it will continue to serve your mailing address.

As I drive the streets, north and south, east and west and on islands in the middle of nowhere, there are many a mailbox in various levels of disrepair. There are also some very nice ones, where the home owner has taken time to install a new one, or build a custom one.

I have had the opportunity to build and repair a few. The build is enjoyable. A vertical pole level and true, secured into the earth, and the mailbox, metal or plastic, mounted in someway to receive the mail. There are rules for height and distance from the road which assist the mail carriers. The whole process is very simple, but requires a plethora of carpentry, excavation and painting tools.

Several completed projects. They take about a day to complete, from design to build, to excavation and installation. The one in Maui was fun. The mail box had only be up for less than 24 hours when it received a delivery. I always like to quality test the results 🙂


This is Belfast Maine in 1877. The first mailbox project is for the Cape Cod style house with the attached barn. At that time, there was mail being delivered in the United States. A brief history is here.

Belfast, ME 04915 – October 2021


Maui … Haiku, HI 96708 – February 2020


Belfast, ME 04915 – August 2021