The Goat’s Gate

There was a large fence that provided privacy to the home owners back yard. It was made of wood, large and tall and on a hill that eventually caused posts to give way to wind and erosion. I was asked to repair it and considering I’ve built many a fence in my day, it was an easy yes.

There was also an added perk for me personally, working on this project because the fence bordered a goat pasture. And theses goats were very curious and interested in the home owners, specifically the lady of the house who had taken an interest in feeding them in the afternoons.

With the fence down, the opening offered an ample view to the pasture. The goats daily grazing, napping and playing routines were a pleasant change for the back yard view and for the lady. Come to find out, she worked a morning job and would come home in the early afternoon to see the goats in the field, who would of course look back at her. She decided to to feed them a treat and if you are familiar with goats, treats are number one on their agendas.

As I repaired the posts, I realized the fence would hinder the goats afternoon delight and the lady of the house would no longer have access to her new companions. I like to solve such problems and suggested I build a goat gate to allow for privacy as well as the afternoon treats for the goats.

Always Curious

What could that guy be doing?

Finished, now let’s open the gate.

And .. it stays open most of the time …

… and is held by a second latch.


Hawaii • January 2019