The Lincolnville Lean-to

There is a restaurant and home in Lincolnville that dates back to the year 1777. A large ground floor fire place, possibly used as a primary heat source stands over 4 feet tall and nearly 5 feet wide, easily accommodates 4 foot logs. The owner wanted a lean-to to store the large logs and be easily accessible during the winter months.

Given the size requirements of the logs, an ample building design was presented with three open bays. A bay for kindling, a bay for seasoned wood and a bay to store wood for the following year. The only other requirement and as it turns out, the most important one, was that the owner be able to fully stand inside the building to fetch wood. He did not want to have to duck to get the wood. He is 6 feet 2 inches tall.

The project was started a bit late in the season, a week before Thanksgiving, and the cold had started to take hold. Working temperatures were in the low 30’s and below at times, but the sun and ample clothing kept us warm. The owner and his son helped build it, and together, we completed it just before the first snow fall.

And, as most building projects go, the first step is setting a line and digging the holes.

The total build took a few weeks, over the span of a month’s time. A spring painting is planned.

So there you have it, 244 years in waiting, the fireplace now has a place to house the logs. The title of this project is so named “The Lincolnville Lean-to”, because it is one of a kind and will serve the Whale’s Tooth Pub for years to come.

If you find yourself in Lincolnville Maine, do stop by to have some great cuisine, sit by the fireplace and enjoy your stay in this historic place, The Whale’s Tooth Pub with oceanfront dinning at its best!

Maine – November 2021