Reliable News Sources

In earlier times, news would be secured from a local source produced within the geographic confines of your place of residence. There would be stories of local interest and when possible, stories from other places were published in your local newspaper.

Times have changed and while local publications still exist and are useful to your community, global sources are readily available via the Internet. This short list of sources have been deemed reliable news sources.

There is also an excellent service called Media Bias/Fact Check which keeps tabs on the media and rates their reliability. The website has a very comprehensive collection of other news sources too.

AP News
Since 1846 • Wikipedia

Since 1848 • Wikipedia

New York Times
Since 1851 • Wikipedia

Wall Street Journal
Since 1889 • Wikipedia

Christian Science Monitor
Since 1908 • Wikipedia

BBC News
Since 1922 • Wikkipedia

Since 1970 • Wikipedia

Since 1975 • Wikipedia

Pew Research
Since 1990 • Wikipedia

Al Jazeera
Since 1996 • Wikipedia

Google News
Since 2002 • Wikipedia

January 14, 2020

As we navigate into the new decade, there is an urgency to take action toward returning our climate to the normal harmonic state or our biosphere. As I navigate through news sources in an effort to find solutions and to read about positive actions toward this goal, I felt it important to vet their reliability. This page is my attempt toward this goal.

I also want to see change happen daily. It is unsettling to see how few changes are actually written about on a daily basis. I’d like to see this change as the time we have is limited.