Old Red Door

Every time it rained, the red door had been subjected to water splashing on it and I would come to discover that this went on for about 80 years. The top portion of the door was still functional and the old glass still intact. The bottom; however, had been repaired to some extent, but the decay had made its decision. A new door was needed.

As the project unfolded, the wall was also in dire need of repair and the choice to fix it this year was a good one. The rot was starting to work its way left and right, taking the sill plate with it.

The old red door below.

The colorful doormat reminds me that this is an entrance into an artist’s studio. I reluctantly removed the ivy from under the door, but had to when I found it rooting in the rotted wall. You can also see some rain damage to the cedar shingles.

The following pictures show the results. As much as the artist could jump into the studio, a small set of stairs were added to make entering and exiting less of an athletic event.

Primed and ready to be the “New Red Door”.

Rhode Island – December 2020

Featured Image – Newspaper insulation reveals the birthday of the old red door.