The Tree Fort

This was a very enjoyable project. As the story goes, a family moved into a home and there was a tree fort platform in the back woods. The previous owner had built it with intentions of finishing it, but the busy of life delayed its completion.

The new home owners moved in. The youngest of the family, a boy was excited to see the platform and the parents said they would finish it for them. As the busy of life consumed the new household, the platform waited and a year went by and then another.

The boy was patient and waited. He would be grown up within the decade so the busy parents sought out a builder to complete the project, and I was very fortunate to be that builder.

My father had built a fort for me when I was the boy’s age, and the memories of having one in my life are still with me today.

The boy’s enthusiasm was amazing. He spoke well and voiced his ideas.

He wanted a pulley system and this was integrated into the front of the fort.

There were also some left over triangle pieces of wood he wanted to reuse and suggested they be placed on the small work bench under the stairs. I mounted them permanently for him.

He also wanted to reuse old materials and had been educated with the reuse, repurpose, recycle mantra. Such a joy to see, at such a young age, the desire to conserve resources.

One day while driving home, I saw some old chairs and a blue piece of wood that could be turned into the desk he wanted. People in the neighborhood leave out materials for the taking before the trash claims them. I made it so the desk would fold up and down for him.

I was grateful for this project and loved every minute of it.

Check out the sliding picture and some of the finished ones below.

The transformation was amazing.

Rhode Island – 2020

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